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Sam Teng


Sam Teng is your versatile source of knowledge about all aspects of real estate and variables you will encounter.

Sam has worked in the financial industries in Taiwan and Wall Street giving him a unique understanding of cultures and financial nuisances of each economy.  After leaving the finance company to nourish his entrepreneurial spirit, Sam started an import company that focuses on Asia.His knowledge of the culture and ability to speak English, Mandarin, Taiwanese and basic Korean has created great success in business along to his “win-win approach to business”.

Using these past experiences he has founded a team at Demsker Realty, focusing on Asian business development and investment in New York City Real Estate.Offering native language abilities, cultural relevance and customized services he has been able to exceed customer’s expectations.



  • Multi Language Abilities (Mandarin, Taiwanese, English and Basic Korean).
  • Specializes in Asian Investment in New York City.
  • Entrepreneurial background running companies
  • Financial experience on Wall Street and in Taiwan
  • Associate Broker with 9+ years of Real Estate Experience