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62 Beach Street

  • Ownership: CONDO
  • Zip Code: 10013
  • Building Style: Loft
  • District: Manhattan
  • Style of Service: Doorman
  • Neighborhood: Tribeca
  • Building Name: Fischer Mills Building
  • Pets: Yes
  • Year Built: 1915


Avg. Prices for the Fisher Mills, 62 Beach Street
1 beds start at 3MM, 2 beds start at 4MM and 3 beds start at 5MM

Building Notes

The Fischer Mills Building, 62 Beach Street, is a highly coveted loft conversion in the heart of Tribeca. The lofts offer classic touches like exposed columns & joists, hi ceilings, brick archways and tons of character. Doorman service creates a general ease oflife while still maintaining the buildings commercial loft feel.

Closed Listings

  •  photo

    261 Union Avenue

    Type: House
    Bedroom: 0
  •  photo

    133 West 14th Street

    Type: Condo
    Bedroom: 2
  •  photo

    15 East 26th Street

    Type: Condo
    Sqft: 2380
    Bedroom: 2